Abacus Classes

Join our abacus classes and feel the difference in your child.

Abacus Classes
  • Does your child lack concentration
  • Do you want to increase the visualization power of your child?
  • Do you want your child should develop self-study habit

Your child will:

  • Gain concentration and visualization power
  • Get improvement of numerical memory
  • Get improvement in memory of spatial arrangement
  • Progress in solving general mathematical problems

Class Duration: Two hours

Class Frequency: Once a Week

Our method of training is Japanese Abacus (Soroban) and uses a modern 1: 4 bead Japanese soroban. We have divided it into 10 levels.

Parents will be able to see a difference in the child’s calculation power by the time he reaches to 3rd level.

For more details and to see how we work, do visit our institute or just fill up the below form and we shall in touch with you.