Computer Skills Classes

Let your child learn the usage of computers in making their studies a fun activity

Computer Classes

What your child will learn:

  • Basic Keyboarding skills
  • Practical use of MS Office
  • Practical use of MS Excel (formulae implementation)
  • Practical use of MS Power Point (Presentations)
  • Basic Internet skills

How your child will get benefitted

  • It will boost natural way of learning
  • It will help in foundation of future programming skills and life skill as well
  • Child will develop hands on skills
  • Solving mathematical problems with the help of computers
  • Will develop positive attitude towards computer technology.

Class Duration: One Hour

Class Frequency: Once a week

Most of the schools focus on the theoretical part of the computer science and for parents it's a toy by which kids waste their time by playing games on it. As a result kids do learn the theoretical part of the computers and miss the practical part of it and due to which they lose interest in learning the real use of computers.

At scholars point, we teach the practical use of computers to the kids and teach them how their life becomes easy if they use computers in real life. We teach kids how they can use simple programs like MS office and excel in doing their homework and solving problems.

For more details and to see how we work, do visit our institute .