Handwriting Improvement Classes

A bad handwriting is as annoying to a reader… as an irritating voice is to a listener.

Handwriting Classes

Some facts & figures about handwriting:

  • 61 % of teachers believe there has been “deterioration in the quality of handwriting among students in the last five years
  • 64 %– admit that illegible writing “has prevented them from awarding the full marks a student deserved
  • 82 per cent of teachers believe students are losing traditional skills such as handwriting and mental arithmetic "due to over-reliance on technology"

Benefit of having good handwriting:

  • Performing better in exams
  • It is a critical part of the learning process

Class Duration: One Hour

Class Frequency: Three days a week (Alternative days)

Handwriting improvement requires practice. More the practice your will do, better would be your writing. Our program is generally of Two months, but it may take little more time depending upon current handwriting quality. Anyone who knows how to read and write can join our course. In early age you join, the better it would be.

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