Olympiad Classes

Only those who try and Attempt have chances of winning

Olympiad Classes

Benefits of Appearing in Olympiad:

  • Early Exposure to Learning and Competition
  • Understanding the Concepts and Application
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Solid Foundation for IIT JEE/AIPMT

What you and your child will Gain:

  • You will be able to judge your child, not only at school level but at state and national level as well
  • Will increase the motivational level of your child
  • Will boost confidence in the child
  • Child develops the habit of taking challenge
  • Increase the thinking capacity of the child
  • Develops problem solving skills

Class Duration: Two hours

Class Frequency: Once a Week

If you are looking forward that your child should perform in Olympiad tests, then he/she need to prepare for it from the beginning of the session.

The child is trained in such a fashion that he is able to perform in Olympiad test apart from normal school academics.

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